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The Moon…

The Moon… published on

Today, while I was taking the dogs out for pee (they would prefer to walk, poor guys), I saw her again. Majestic, the most beauty of all. She watches and cares us from years ago, from the darkness of the night.

When she’s happy, she lightens everything. Even when she’s tired and diminishing, her beauty is more noticeable, because it’s still there, fading but paying care of us.

One or two days per month she fades, because she wants not us to see her feeble.

But after these two days she growths again, splendid again, recovering her brightness and allowing us to notice, again, the hope to believe that she will be forever with us.

Some people say that she’s just a reflection of the sunny light.

The Sun… What a prick. Fatuous, pompous, selfish toad when he’s just an accident, born from his own overheating. Always caring about himself as the “king of all”, knowing that the life is just possible because his light, forgetting that life is worth to live because the beauty of the Moon, that reflects the best of him.

And yes, this is all metaphoric.

The pompous man, believing that the woman is only beauty as a reflection of his only vanity, although the truth (sad and empty, as usual) is that without her (the woman), he is not anything but a too hot body.

You must know, I am a male chauvinist. I’m a deep believer of difference and discrimination. If able, I’ll always let a woman to cross before I’ll do; I’ll always will accompany her to her home; I’ll always will try to carry her burdens (althoug I’m the burden) and I’ll always will try to flirt with her. Because I believe that “to be a man” means that. It’s not about protect her (we cannot), satisfy her (we don’t know how), nor to be her master (we are not). It’s just about giving back to her part of the support she gave us all our live: as a mother, as a friend, as a daughter.

God created the woman from the man ribbon, but not because he felt lonely, as the Bible (written by men) said. He did it because, been idiot as He is, created the man as His resemblance. And, because God is perfect (because the truth is God is a woman), She noticed that without her (the woman) he (the man) is not complete.

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