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My dogs

My dogs published on

I have two dogs. Set and Sot. I should prefer to call them Seth and Soth, but their names are not tethrical nor terrible, they are just short forms of “gosset” and “gossot” (little and big dog).
Set is a wise dog: he knows when to follow instructions and when he can ignore them. He knows that taking a walk must be done slowly, smelling here and there, enjoying every instant. He only loses his temper when he thinks someone he loves shall caress him.
Sot is an immature: nervous when he thinks a walk is incoming (basically, every time I move a finger, althoug I just will scratch my nose). He only focuses when he knows there is a cat around, and he takes our walkings hysterically, seeking for cats everywhere, smelling only to locate them.
People say dogs are like their “owners”. Mine are reflections of two sides of my personality. I will be like Set, but I know there’s a side of Sot in me, who does not allow me to fully enjoy our calmed walkings, because he makes me think about the future as Sot thinks about cats.

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