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Jollie Bible

Jollie Bible published on

(The next text is not intended to offend anyone. If you are reading it, you believe and you are offended when some things are threaten in some way, stop reading. You’ve been adverted)

God created the world in six days, and the seventh lied. And She was bored to the bone. Because that, the first Monday on history She created the music. And the music was Good.

And Tuesday, She was taking a walk around the land not-yet called Texas, and She thought She needed something more. And She created the country music. And the music was Better.

And She told Adam and Eve: “you will take the fruits of the Jazz, the Rock and the Swing, but you will not touch the fruit of the Reggeton tree”. But they ignored Her, and they were kicked off from Paradise. And they were forced to hear reggeton and watch twerking dancers. But, luckily, Willie Nelson was born, and the Country was Damned Cool!

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