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Some days you become awake with a tale in your lips, and having no one to explain it, you just write it and let it go…

Sagu: my daughter lost a tooth. From here to talk about the Tooth Fairy there was only a little step (in our country, the Tooth Fairy’s duties are done by a mice called Pérez. I don’t know why, I found myself having draw a “tooth mice” at work (sometimes it happens: while I wait for a process to be finished, or while I think about a problem, my hand gets a pen and draws things that, sometimes, worth a look). I thought about Júlia (a good-friends’ daughter who live in Zumaia), I guessed how “tooth mice” should be said in basque. And the next Saturday I awoke with “Sagu” at my fingertips. I wrote it in Spanish, because although I speak in Catalan with Júlia, I ever spoke in Spanish with her parents. And because, shame on me, I have not any knowledge about basque.

The Knight of the Spoon: I was driving to work while, for unknown reaons, it came to my mind an English class with Paul (hi, Paul) where we were reading about some Buckingham Palace’s uses. That thing about to withdraw all guests’ dishes when the Queen finishes her it’s true, if I remember properly. And from here to the tale of the Knight of the Spoon there only was a little “click”. I wrote it in English because it’s a tale about the UK, and about a use I found curious (and some other things). And I decided to use the name of a nice guy I knew few weeks ago while I was showing the Rambla to him and his family (his father is a colleague from a work-related forum).

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