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– Rain… do you remember the rain?

– Yes, I do. Those tickles in the leaves when drops fell.

– Wind… do you remember the wind?

– Yes, I do. And I remember how we used to dance with our branches following its rhythm.

– And the sun… do you remember the sun?

– The sun? The sun? No… I don’t remember the sun. What the sun was?

– It was the heat and the light, but it came and left, like if something prevented it to reach us… usually before the rain it left us alone.

– I don’t remember it… it should be lont time ago.

– Long time ago, yes.

The man sighted. He would like to know how a conversation between trees could be. Between the Two Trees. The last ones on Earth: pollution and climate changes killed all them but those two.

A light touch on his shoulder awoke him. At last.

– Sir – his assistant said -, we have the results.

– And?

– Our archived data point they are both male.

Without a word, the man reached the oldest tree, and leaned his forehead on it.

– It’s raining? – told the tree

– No, why?

– A drop has fallen over my roots.

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