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The last moments

He lies at bed. Around, the wife and the kids. The kids… the kids and their kids. Time flies. He feels as if it was yesterday when he saw her for the first time, from the corner at the disco his friends forced him to go. Love at first sight.

He remembers how he followed her to the street, saying bye to his friends. He remembers how he followed, from a distance, not to stalk her, but because he could not do anything else. He sees again her smile, while waving her hand to her friends, saying bye while she started to cross the street. He remembers the screech of the tires, the car what appeared from the darkness charging to her. He acted without hesitation. He remembers how he ran from behind the tree, faster than ever and pushed her, leaving him in front of the car.

He doesn’t remember anything else from that night. But he’s happy, lieing at bed, with her at his side. And the kids, and the kids of their kids. He closes his eyes and lets the darkness surround him: it’s been a nice life.

– Time to death_ four AM – the doctor says -. Crap, he’s too young, what the hell has happened?
– A drunk driver was about to run over a girl and the kid has jumped between to save her.

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