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The captain

“Engage”, the captain thinks. Immediatly, the ship, christened in a homage of an ancient telenovel series, leaves the dry dock and accelerates up to the point where the relativistic speed limit will be broken. If everything goes well, the “Star Walker” will leave the solar system in a matter of seconds.

The captain recalls the show, and doesn’t hold back a smile thinking how on it the ship’s captain must tell the first officer to set a course, and how the first officer tells the pilot, who puts the coordinates manually on a console, where he must press a button to begin the travel.

This ship is different: the captain is in direct contact with the ship: sees through its sensors, and it responds to his toughts like the pilot’s body responds to his brain.

“So primitives, those humans”, thinks the captain observing, through a ship sensor, the grey planet called “Earth” by its previous (and now obsolete) inhabitants.

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